School Playground Injury Claims

What should I do to make a school playground injury compensation claim?

Prior to making a school playground injury compensation claim, your first priority is to make sure that your child receives a thorough medical examination and any necessary treatment. Obviously, in the case of a severe injury, an ambulance should have been called by those in charge of supervision – however, even if you feel your child’s injury can be treated at home, going to hospital is vital since the extent of your child’s injuries may not be immediately apparent. Internal bleeding and brain injury, for example, are sometimes sustained by children who fall from playground equipment.

Consequently, you want to ensure that any potential injury is identified as soon as possible by a medical expert. Anything else – including a school playground injury compensation claim – can wait until you have first tended to your child’s injury. You should also be aware that medical records play a crucial role in a claim for school playground injury compensation, since the negligent party may counterclaim that your child’s injury was made worse by lack of care.

Once your child has received medical treatment, you should go to the playground and gather evidence by taking photographs of its equipment if you feel it might be defective, as well as the playground itself. A school playground should be well maintained, and free from litter and anything else that may conceivably present a hazard. Moreover, adequate supervision should be in place in a school playground. Therefore, if you feel your child has been injured due to negligence by those who had a duty of care towards your child, you may be able to pursue a claim for school playground injury compensation against them. (School playground injuries should also be reported in the school’s “Accident Report Book”, so you may want to find out whether a record has been made in it.)

Lastly, you should speak with a personal injury solicitor about the particulars of your child’s accident to establish the most suitable course of action for pursuing a school playground injury compensation claim.

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