Misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

My son had a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and sustained serious injuries in an accident during a manic episode which followed. Is it possible to claim compensation for the injuries as a result of the misdiagnosis of bipolar?

The misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder has been a cause for concern within the psychiatric community for some years. The misdiagnosis of bipolar appears to be far more widespread than was previously thought. Patients seeking a diagnosis of a mental health problem such as bipolar disorder often struggle to get an accurate diagnosis initially, and with bipolar disorder this is especially true.

Many patients are misdiagnosed with other medical conditions such as schizophrenia or depression, which can cause a delay in obtaining proper treatment for bipolar. Based on the symptoms presented to a doctor, it may not be reasonable to expect a diagnosis of bipolar disorder to be made straightaway. In your case, whether the misdiagnosis of bipolar can be the basis of a claim for compensation may depend on the symptoms your son was displaying which led you to seek medical treatment, and how these were explained to the doctor.

A misdiagnosis of bipolar is certainly grounds for a claim for compensation and, since the misdiagnosis of bipolar in your case appears to have involved an injury being sustained which could have been avoided, you may well be able to make a claim for compensation for the misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. To determine whether you are eligible to claim, you should seek the advice of a medical negligence solicitor.

A medical negligence claim for misdiagnosis of bipolar can be complicated, as you will need to prove ‘on the balance of probability’ that a competent doctor should have been able to identify the condition in a reasonable time frame, and that the misdiagnosis of bipolar was due to incompetence of your doctor or the specialist you visited. You must also be able to prove that had the diagnosis been made, that treatment could have been administered which would have prevented the manic episode, which in turn would have prevented your son sustaining injuries.

In order to obtain that proof, you will need to consult medical experts to confirm that under the circumstances, and presented with the same symptoms, that the misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder would not have happened. A medical negligence solicitor is in the best position to help you do this, and they will arrange for independent medical tests and for your sons medical records to be examined to prove the misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder was avoidable, and amounted to a failure in a duty of care to your son.

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