Food Poisoning in Yo Sushi Claim

I am considering making a food poisoning in Yo Sushi claim for salmonella. What is the claims process likely to entail?

It is not possible to tell you exactly how a food poisoning in Yo Sushi claim will proceed and whether your case will need to be litigated through the courts in order for you to recover compensation; although we can advise you of the typical process of claiming personal injury compensation for food poisoning from a restaurant.

The process starts with the preparation of your claim and the collection of evidence to establish that the staff in Yo Sushi breached the duty of care owed to you and were responsible for your illness. This will include obtaining a copy of your medical records as proof of illness and any reports issued by the Environmental Health Department after an inspection of the restaurant has taken place.

When a body of evidence has been collected to prove that the restaurant staff were to blame for your illness, a claims letter must be drafted which is then sent to the restaurant manager outlining the reason why compensation for food poisoning in Yo Sushi is being claimed.

Twenty one days must be allowed for the restaurant manager and his or her insurance company to confirm receipt of the letter, and a further ninety days must be provided to allow the insurance company to investigate the case against the restaurant as outlined in the claims letter. Liability for the illness must then be accepted or rejected by the insurance company.

If liability is accepted, a solicitor will attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance company and a settlement of compensation for food poisoning in Yo Sushi may be reached. If an appropriate settlement for compensation for Yo Sushi restaurant food poisoning cannot be agreed – or if liability is rejected – a solicitor will prepare to litigate your food poisoning in Yo Sushi claim through the courts. Proceedings will be issued and a court date will be allocated by a judge, who will then decide on the outcome of the case.

If a strong case is prepared and evidence of contaminated food is found by Environmental Health inspectors, it is highly probable that your claim for Yo Sushi food poisoning will be settled without litigation being necessary as it would not be in the interests of the insurance company to defend a claim through the courts that it is unlikely to win.

You can maximise the probability of recovering your full entitlement to compensation by allowing a solicitor to pursue your claim, and we recommend seeking legal advice promptly to ensure that the strongest possible case can be prepared.

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