Compensation for an Alton Towers Accident

Is it possible to claim compensation for an Alton Towers accident? During a recent visit to the theme park my twelve-year-old son suffered a severe whiplash injury.

It may be possible for you to be able to claim compensation for an Alton Towers accident. Seeing your child injured is always an unpleasant experience and although you may have taken precautions to ensure the safety of your son on the trip, it could be that your son’s injury was caused by an oversight on the part of the park’s management or staff. In fact, in order to be able to claim for compensation, it is not enough that the accident took place on the park’s premises – you must be able to prove that the negligence of the park’s management or staff contributed to your son’s injury.

Whiplash injuries can be extremely painful. They are caused by an unnatural jerking of the neck which strains the muscles and ligaments in the neck, and are often associated with sudden and unexpected stoppages. It is possible that your son’s injury was the result of an abrupt stoppage or an irregular motion on the ride. If this is the case there may be other riders who suffered similar injuries – you should attempt to identify them and note their names and contact details.

Whiplash injuries can worsen if left untreated. You should have summoned an ambulance as soon as the injury became evident. A visit to the hospital is not only important to safeguarding the health and safety of your son however, the visit will allow you to access a full medical report of the injuries – a vital document for pursing a claim for compensation.

In order to build the best case possible for your claim for compensation for an accident in Alton Towers you should also have submitted an entry in the park’s Accident Report Book – which it may have to keep for insurance reasons – and find out if the accident was captured on a CCTV camera. It may not be too late to compete either of these steps.

It is important to note that children’s claims for compensation can differ from those of an adult. To find out how they differ and to learn more about your case for compensation for an Alton Towers accident, contact an experienced injury claims solicitor at the first available opportunity.

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