Watermelon Salmonella Injury Claims Could Follow Scare

February 8th, 2012 | By injuryclaims

People contracting food poisoning from contaminated fruit could be entitled to make watermelon salmonella injury claims following the news that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland are investigating four cases of illness which are believed to be attributable to imported fruit from Brazil.

One person is known to have died in England after consuming a watermelon slice containing “Salmonella Newport”, with scores more food poisoning cases being investigated throughout the UK and Germany. Typically, illnesses have commenced within three days of consuming a pre-packed slice of watermelon and symptoms of the illness including vomiting, abdominal pains, fever and diarrhoea last for four to seven days.

The advice released by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland is to thoroughly wash all fruit and vegetables before consuming them and, should the symptoms of food poisoning commence, seek medical attention immediately. Early treatment with antibiotics will lessen the effect of the salmonella food poisoning and ensure a quicker recovery from the illness.

People who are confirmed as suffering from food poisoning attributable to watermelon slices are urged to get claims advice from a qualified solicitor before making salmonella compensation claims directly to the Injuries Board. Inasmuch as the respondent in your claim is likely to be the shop from where the contaminated watermelon was purchased, the Food Safety Authority may establish a different negligent party in the course of their investigation.

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