Young Man Claims for Construction Work Accident

October 3rd, 2016 | By injuryclaims


A construction engineer, who was severely injured when a concrete wall fell on top of him whilst he was at work, has made a claim for work injury compensation.

Connor Watson was just seventeen years old when he was working with DJ Laing Contractors Ltd at the Arbroath Flood Protection Scheme. The accident in question occurred on the 24th September 2013 whilst Connor, working on the above project, needed to remove a letterbox that had been built into a support wall of the old Arbroath to Forfar railway. This was necessary to replace a pipe.

As such, Connor needed to remove the old blocks that constituted the letterbox, but upon removing the fifth, the entire 0.46 tonne wall gave way. It fell on top of Connor’s legs, crushing them. Since the accident, Connor has regained mobility in his legs, but it is expected that he will suffer from arthritis in the limbs before he turns thirty.

The Health and Safety Exectutives conducted an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. They found that the contracting company did not assess the wall correctly, and as such could not advise Connor on the reasonable precautions he should undertake to prevent such an accident. In November 2014, DJ Laing Ltd were issued a £32,000 fine by Forfar Sheriff’s Court for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act

As part of DJ Laing Ltd’s “return to work” programme, Connor has resumed employment at the firm. However, his quality of life has been affected, and he cannot engage in many sports or physical activities because of the accident. Connor also has concerns that he will be excluded from the future labour market because of his impending arthritis.

Connor sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim against DJ Laing Contractors Ltd for the work injuries he sustained whilst in their employ. In a comment to the Forfar Evening News, his solicitor said that it would not be a question of if his client would be compensated, but rather how much.

David J Laing, Managing Director of DJ Laing Group Ltd, commented that “I confirm that Connor is currently employed by DJ Laing (Contracts) Limited and was involved in a serious accident on one of our civil engineering sites in September 2013. Connor is currently undertaking a return to work rehabilitation programme and the matter of compensation is being dealt with by our insurance company.”

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