No Agreement in Compensation for Injuries from Forklift Truck Accident

December 22nd, 2014 | By injuryclaims

A claim for compensation for injuries from a forklift truck accident will be heard in the High Court in the New Year after the two parties involved failed to reach agreement on a compensation settlement.

In May 2010, Scott Fewster (40) from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire was working in the Highline Extreme warehouse in Downham when a 40Kg metal frame fell from a forklift truck and knocked him to the floor. Scott sustained head and neck injuries as a result of the accident, as well as soft tissue injuries to both forearms and severe bruising around his body.

Scott was incapacitated for three months after the accident; during which time he was unable to drive and needed assistance to complete day-to-day chores. Between May and August 2010, Scott had three operations on his hands to try to repair the damage to his arms, but he still has reduced sensation in his fingers and often drops things.

After recovering from his injuries, Scott returned to working as a welder for Highline Extreme but was unable to manage with his workload and left his job year later. Scott remained out of work from October 2010 until February 2013, and is now only able to perform light duties for a maximum of 30 hours a week. It is unlikely that Scott will be able to return to heavy manual labour because of his injuries.

After seeking legal advice, Scott made a claim for compensation for injuries from a forklift truck accident – alleging that he still suffers the physical consequences of the accident and experiences occasional headaches, dizzy spells and stiffness in his neck which, in additional to preventing him from working full-time, also affects his leisure pursuits of judo, table tennis and drumming.

In October 2010 Highline Extreme was issued with an Improvement Notice by the Health and Safety Executive to formulate a safe system of work for loading and unloading lorries using a forklift truck. After the notice was issued, the company acknowledged liability for Scott´s injuries, but the two parties have been unable to agree upon a settlement of compensation for injuries from a forklift truck accident.

Consequently, the compensation claim will go to the High Court in London to be resolved – before which Scott will undergo an assessment of his injuries by a consultant neuropsychiatrist to establish the long term effect of his injuries.

Categories: Construction Injury Claims, Work Injury Claims

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