Millennium Stadium Steward Awarded Compensation for a Leg Injury at Work

July 15th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A steward at Cardiff´s Millennium Stadium has been awarded £5,500 compensation for a leg injury at work following a hearing at Pontypridd County Court.

In November 2013, Mark Day (48) was working as a steward during the Wales v Australia rugby international at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff when he tried to prevent a spectator from invading the pitch.

While in the execution of his duties, Mark sustained an Achilles tendon injury that resulted in a significant amount of pain and suffering, and prevented him from enjoying his social pursuit of running with the Caerphilly Runners.

Mark claimed compensation for a leg injury at work against the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) – his employer – who denied their liability for his injury. The WRU contested his claim on the grounds that the soft tissue injury had not prevented Mark from returning to work and therefore he had suffered no loss of income.

The WRU refused to negotiate a settlement of compensation for a leg injury at work, and the case went to Pontypridd County Court, where it was heard by District Judge Bethan Japheth.

At the hearing, Judge Japheth heard Mark testify that he had not taken any time off from work because he could not afford to. Mark´s legal team also testified that being unable to compete in marathons and half-marathons with the Caerphilly Runners had affected his general health and his social life.

Judge Bethan Japheth ruled that although Mark had not lost any income due to his Achilles tendon injury, he had still experienced pain from his injury and suffered a significant loss of amenity. The judge found in Mark´s favour – awarding him £5,500 compensation for a leg injury at work.

Speaking after the judge´s verdict and award of compensation for a leg injury at work, Mark – who still works at the Millennium Stadium as a steward – told the local press: “I’m just glad it’s all over because it has been going on for 18 months. Now I’m just looking forward to the Rugby World Cup in September and October and getting back to business.”

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