Cameraman Settles Claim for Motorbike Accident in France

January 5th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A cameraman, who had to have his right leg amputated after being injured while filming, has settled his claim for a motorbike accident in France.

Noel Greaves-Lord (52) was filming Ducatis in action in Cannes in October 2010, when one of the superbikes lost control as it skidded at a corner and crashed into him. Noel – who has worked for the BBC and ITV, and covered a wide range of sporting events – suffered a severely fractured right ankle in the accident and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Noel from Worthing in West Sussex underwent multiple operations while in hospital, but contracted MRSA and had to have his right leg amputated. After returning to England at the end of 2011, Noel made an injury claim for the motorbike accident in France against the Italian driver of the Ducati that hit him.

Liability was admitted by the Italian motorcyclist who lives in France, but the settlement of Noel´s claim was held up while the amount of motorbike accident compensation was being negotiated. In France, it is more common for liability to be acknowledged straight away, but the delays occurred because settlements of compensation are generally much lower in France than they are in the UK.

Eventually, an agreement was reached on how much compensation Noel´s claim for a motorbike accident in France would be resolved for and Noel is to receive an undisclosed settlement to cover the pain and suffering he experienced at the time of the accident, his loss of earnings and the cost of his future care.

Speaking after his claim had been resolved, Noel said: “I am pleased and relieved that my legal battle has come to a conclusion and I can now focus completely on rebuilding my life and continue with my recovery and rehabilitation. The last four years have been devastating and the injuries I sustained in France have had a huge impact on my life”.

The length of time it took for Noel´s claim for a motorbike accident in France to be resolved occurred because the rules for claiming compensation in France are much different from what they are in the UK. When serious injuries occur overseas, it is often more difficult to receive a settlement of compensation that will provide financial security for the rest of the victim´s life.

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