NHS Complaints

Thousands of Complaints Concerning NHS Staff Levels

September 21st, 2015 | By injuryclaims

Figures released by the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party show that over 7,000 complaints have been about levels of staff employed by NHS Scotland. 

The figures, which were retrieved by the Scottish Lib-Dems under the Freedom of Information Act, show that over the past two years, 7,253 complains have been made about the number of employees in NHS Scotland. The majority of these were made by concerned healthcare professionals. 

However, the report also showed that there was increase in the number of vacancies in the sector over a similar period. For example, the number of vacancies for consultants has increased from 128 to 448 – a threefold increase. The number of available positions for nurses and midwives has gone up a fifth to 2,256. 

The Health Spokesperson for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, John Hume, sees the figures as cause to criticise the government: “These stark figures underline the pressure that NHS staff are under as a result of the failure of the SNP government to get to grips with the challenges facing our health service.”

Yet Shona Robinson, the current Health Secretary and part of the Scottish National Party, countered the argument using other figures: “[The complaints about NHS staff levels] are critically important. Under this government, NHS staff numbers have risen by over 10,000, with more doctors and nurses now delivering care for the people of Scotland… We also have record high numbers of GPs – including the most GPs per head of the population in the UK. To give people the high quality healthcare they deserve, we are investing in and supporting a highly skilled NHS workforce. Over the past year alone, this includes an additional 600 nurses and midwives.”

However, the trend is still cause for concern – especially when one considers that the majority of complaints were made by those in the healthcare sector who are concerned for the safety of patients and existing staff alike. 

Woman Seek Counsel over Misdiagnosis of Terminal Cancer

July 31st, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A woman and her husband have sought legal concerning an alleged misdiagnosis of uterine cancer that has since been determined as terminal. 

Jeanette Scully, aged forty-seven from Tyne and Wear in Sunderland, went to Sunderland Royal Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department as she was experiencing pain in her abdomen. When a scan was carried out, it was discovered that she had a mass in her abdomen. Jeanette was diagnosed with an infected fibroid, prescribed with antibiotics and discharged. 

However, the pain continued and Jeanette visited her GP. However, Jeanette alleges, the GP told her that her problem could be solved through the power of positive thinking. However, around Easter of this year, Jeanette was still in immense pain. Her partner – with whom she had been in a relationship for twenty-two years – brought her back to the Sunderland A&E department. Though she was initially discharged, she was eventually admitted for pain management. 

Though consultants at the hospital told Jeanette that they could not diagnose the cause of her pain, further scans conducted in May identified a soft tissue sarcoma on her uterus. Just a month later, Jeanette and her partner David were told that the cancer was so advanced that it was likely to be terminal.

After receiving this devastating news, Jeanette and David consulted a solicitor about the missed diagnosis of her uterine cancer. As a result, their solicitor has started an investigation into the care that Jeanette received from her GP (Dr Weatherhead and Associates of Southwick, Tyne and Wear) and the Sunderland Royal Hospital. 

In a comment to her local press, Jeanette said that “I just want to know that what happened to me will be properly investigated and something will be done about it as I would never want anyone else to go through what we have. I really believe that if I had been properly investigated when I first reported symptoms things would have been very different.”

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