Holiday Injury CLaims

Ski Accident Claim Settled Out of Court

February 6th, 2017 | By injuryclaims

A claim for a skiing accident made against a ski lift operator has been settled through out-of-court negotiations.

Tom Giddens, aged twenty-five from Solihull in the West Midlands, went on a skiing holiday in the French ski resort of Val Thorens. However, whilst he and a friend were on a ski lift to the summit of the slope, the lift stopped.

Tom and his friend stayed on the lift, waiting for it to start moving again. Whilst sitting on the lift, the pair were very exposed to the cold weather and were growing uncomfortable. Tom attempted to call an emergency number provided by the lift operators, but could only get through to a French message service.

After nearly thirty minutes of waiting on the ski lift, Tom and his friend decided to try and jump to the slope below. Tom’s friend managed to safely lower himself to the ground, though in Tom’s attempt to jump her fractured his leg.

After the accident, Tom was rushed to the resort’s medical centre and received emergency treatment. He was then transferred to the nearby Moutiers Hospital, where a metal pin was inserted into his leg to help it heal and set properly.

Five days after the operation, Tom flew back to the UK. He spent the next five weeks at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. Even after his discharge, he was on crutches and had to undergo a course of physiotherapy for a year and a half. Since his accident, Tom has not been able to exercise as much as he normally would.

Tom consulted a personal injuries solicitor and proceeded to make a claim for ski accident compensation against Societe D’Exploitation des Telepheriques Tarantaise-Maurienne, the ski lift operators. In the claim, he alleged that they had substandard safety procedures. Though the company initially denied liability, after Tom filed for court proceedings in France they agreed to enter negotiations. The claim was then settled for an undisclosed five figures.

Holiday Sickness Claim Settled for Five Figures

November 18th, 2016 | By injuryclaims

A family, whose holiday in Egypt was ruined after the majority of its members contracted a stomach bug, has been awarded £29,850 in compensation.

Brian and Pamela Pilling, from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, decided that as a treat for their family they would organise a luxury break in a five-star Sea Club Resort on the Egyptian coast. The couple, who had spent around £17,000 on the trip, had many activities booked such as camel trekking and quad biking. Their plans were interrupted, however, when five days in some of their family members became ill.

Brian, a sixty-one year-old retired labourer, was one of the first holidaymakers to fall ill. Recounting his experience, he told news reporters that “I thought at first it would just be a day thing, a little gastric upset but wow was I wrong… In the end, we had to ask the hotel doctor to visit. He immediately put me on an intravenous rehydration with antibiotics and paracetamol.”

Of the thirteen family members on holiday, eleven contracted the bug and two needed to be rehydrated with an intravenous drip. They were also put on antibiotics. The ordeal didn’t end when the family returned to the UK, however, as much of the family continued to experience symptoms. Brian commented, “The holiday was a great disappointment devastated by illness and I wish we had never gone.”

Upon their return to the UK and recovery from illness, Brian and Pamela consulted a personal injuries solicitor and made a claim for sickness whilst on holiday in Egypt. The claim was made against Thomson Holidays, the company that organised the trip, and claimed for both the cost of the holiday and the suffering of each family member that fell ill.

In the claim, the couple alleged that the bout of illness was caused by substandard hygiene conditions at the Sharm-el-Sheik report. They claim that the food was not cooked properly and was regularly seen uncovered, surrounded by birds. After Thomson Holidays investigated the allegations, they settled the claim for compensation with the couple for £29,850.

Holiday Food Poisoning Allegations Investigated by Solicitors

September 25th, 2016 | By injuryclaims


The claims made by a British couple concerning the contraction of food poisoning at a three-star holiday resort in Crete will be investigated by a team of personal injury solicitors.

The incident occurred when William and Leanda Kidley holidayed in the Katrin Suites Resort in Stalis, Crete, in August 2015. Towards the end of their break, William began to feel ill and presented flu-like symptoms. When the couple returned to the UK, the Transport Support Manager also developed diarrhoea  in addition to his other symptoms.

William then visited his GP, who referred him to Warrington General Hospital for diagnostics. The tests concluded that William had contracted campylobacter food poisoning, and he was immediately admitted to hospital. Despite spending a week in hospital care, William has – to date – not fully recovered from the illness.

As William began his recovery, the couple consulted a personal injuries solicitor. The believed that the allegedly poor standard of hygiene at the resort was the cause of William’s illness, and have requested that their solicitors investigate this claim. The couple booked through FlexibleTrips, operated by Thomas Cook, and the company have already stated that if a link can be made between the hygiene practices at the resort and William’s diagnosis, they will offer compensation.

Amongst their allegations, the couple claim that the food at the resort was often undercooked or left out uncovered all day. They also claim that they frequently saw flies around chilled food.

Leanda, speaking to her local press, has commented that “The last thing we ever expected when we booked the holiday was for either of us to end up in hospital going through tests to find out exactly what was wrong. William missed time off work because of the problems he was having and it took him a long time for his stamina to improve and even now he has not made a full recovery.”

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