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Family Starts Legal Action for Defective Hoverboard

February 1st, 2016 | By injuryclaims

A family, whose house was severely damaged in a fire that was caused by a faulty hoverhoard battery whilst it was charging, has started to claim for compensation. 

Vinh Hung Chiem and Thu Tram purchased the hoverboards last November in preparation for Christmas a gifts for their children, Tony and Karen. However, two months later on the 15th January, one of the devices burst into flames as it was charging in their family home in Wyke, West Yorkshire. This happened as the device was connected to a wall socket to charge. 

The fire spread very quickly through the family’s home and Thu, Karen, Tony and a friend – Jibril – were all injured by the flames. They were taken to hospital, where they were treated, though Tony and Karen – aged eight and nine respectively – still suffer nightmares. The entire family currently reside in temporary accomodation, as their house is still to damaged to live in. 

An investigation into the fire followed which attributed the fire to the hoverboard’s lithium battery, which likely overheated and exploded. The family are suing the manufacturer – Air Runner – for compensation, as well as Costco in Leeds, who sold the couple the product. 

Whilst speaking to a reporter from the BBC, Thu commented that “The kids could have been killed. They all believed they were going to die in the fire. Everything was ruined in the fire… it’s turned our lives upside down. We thought we bought a reliable product from a trusted retailer and we want to know how something with so much potential to cause this type of devastation was sold to us.”

A Costco UK spokesperson commented that “This is a terrible tragedy and we are looking into this matter but we have no comment at this time.” The family’s legal representatives say that the family should be able to claim compensation under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 if it is shown that the hoverboard was faulty. 

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