Farm Injury Claims

Farm injury claims enable you to recover compensation when you have been injured in a farm accident due to the carelessness of an employer or somebody who owed you a duty of care. Claims for farm injury compensation should take into account the effect an injury has on your quality of life in addition to any physical pain you have suffered and emotional trauma you have experienced in the farm accident, and you should also be able to claim any expenses you have incurred which are attributable to your farm accident in order that you are no worse off financially than if your farm accident had never occurred. Make sure you receive comprehensive advice about making farm injury claims by discussing the circumstances of your accident with an experienced solicitor on our freephone Solicitors Advice Panel.

Procedural Changes Aim to Speed up Personal Injury Compensation Settlements

August 3rd, 2013 | By injuryclaims

New procedures introduced on the 1st August should speed up personal injury compensation settlements for claims with a value of less than £25,000.

In April 2013, several changes to the way in which personal injury claims were handled were introduced following the passing of the Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO). The most noticeable of these changes affected “No Win, No Fee” injury claims, and how “After the Event” insurance premiums and solicitors´ “Success Fees” could no longer be recovered from the negligent party´s insurance company; however the most recent changes have been designed to reduce the length of time it takes to resolve claims and make sure that claimants receive their personal injury compensation settlements quicker.

The primary changes concern how long a negligent party´s insurance company has to acknowledge and respond to a “Letter of Claim”. Whereas before an insurance company could take up to three weeks to acknowledge that a “Letter of Claim” had been sent to them, they now have to do this within one day. Furthermore, insurance companies are now required to inform your solicitor whether or not their client agrees they were responsible for your injuries within thirty days (forty days for accidents at work). Previously, insurance companies could waste ninety days before admitting their policyholder´s negligence, even when their client had already admitted responsibility for causing an accident.

Insurance companies who fail to adhere to the new procedures for personal injury compensation settlements will have the claim for personal injury compensation removed from the Ministry of Justice´s Claims Portal and have to pay the additional costs of defending the claim using the course of action, unless the claim falls into one of the following categories:-

  • Public liability claims for compensation against an individual
  • Employer liability claims against more than one defendant
  • Any personal injury compensation claims in which the claimant is partly responsible
  • Public liability claims relating to a disease (for example food poisoning)
  • Claims involving mesothelioma, abuse or medical negligence
  • Claims against a party who is uninsured

The procedural changes apply to claims for injuries which have been sustained or diagnosed in England or Wales on or after 1st August 2013 , and have no effect on the Statute of Limitations – the length of time you are allowed after an injury has been sustained or discovered in which to claim personal injury compensation.

Should you require further information about personal injury compensation settlements, and how the changes to the personal injury claims procedures may affect you in your specific situation, you are advised to speak with a solicitor at the first practical moment.

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