Car Accident Injury Claims

Car accident injury claims enable you to recover compensation when you have been injured in a car accident due to the carelessness of somebody who owed you a duty of care. Claims for car accident injury compensation should take into account the effect an injury has on your quality of life in addition to any physical pain you have suffered and emotional trauma you have experienced in the car accident, and you should also be able to claim any expenses you have incurred which are attributable to your car accident in order that you are no worse off financially than if your car accident had never occurred. Make sure you receive comprehensive advice about making car accident injury claims by discussing the circumstances of your accident with an experienced solicitor on our freephone Solicitors Advice Panel.

Car Crash Victim Compensated for Injuries

June 12th, 2016 | By injuryclaims

A Lancashire resident, who sustained severe psychological and physical injuries in a car accident that killed another driver, has been awarded a five-figure settlement of compensation for his injuries.

Warren Smith, aged fifty from Burnley in Lancashire, was driving along the A671 when the accident occurred. The head-on collision was caused by another motorist, who was driving on the incorrect side of the road after making a sharp turn motorway.

Emergency services were called to the scene, and Warren was rushed to hospital. There, he was diagnosed with extensive injuries spanning his torso and head. The nature of Warren’s injuries prevented him returning to work as a contracts manager – a position that required driving long distances. Tragically, the other driver died as a result of the collision.  

However, Warren’s injuries were not just physical – after the crash, Warren was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress-disorder (PTSD). Despite the formal diagnosis, when engaging with a solicitor to seek compensation, Warren was told that he could expect around £3,000 in compensation – a sum that only accounted for his physical injuries.

Warren, dissatisfied with this advice, decided to seek alternate legal counsel and proceeded to claim for compensation for all of his injuries. After negotiations with the insurance company of the deceased driver, Warren received a £30,000 compensation settlement, which will be used to pay for his rehabilitation and therapy.

In a comment to the Lancaster and Morecambe Citizen, Warren said that “People should not underestimate the consequences of car accidents and I am lucky to be alive.

“I am still haunted by the events of that day and my injuries are a constant reminder of the fact that someone died in the crash. But I am incredibly relieved that I now have access to the care and support that I need to move forward with my life.”

Compensation Awarded to Car Crash Victim

May 2nd, 2016 | By injuryclaims

A woman, who was left with life-changing injuries because of a head-on car collision, has been awarded compensation by the negligent driver’s insurance company. 

The accident occurred on the 7th September 2012, when fifty year-old Dawn Bradley was driving along the B4680 in Hinkley, near Leicestershire. As she was driving in her Kia Picanto, a car that was travelling towards her attempted to overtake another vehicle. However, he crashed into Dawn. 

The two men travelling in that car – a male and his passenger – were killed, but after receiving on-site emergency care Dawn was brought to hospital. There, she was treated for fractures to her sternum, ribs, a crushed lower leg and various soft-tissue wounds. 

He leg was so badly damaged that Dawn – a health care assistant from Elmesthorpe – had to have four operations carried out upon it. Since the accident, she still experiences severe pain in the leg and cannot stand or walk for prolonged periods. The nurse has been unable to return to work. 

Dawn sought legal counsel before proceeding to make a claim for compensation against the insurance company of the deceased negligent driver. The company admitted liability and the parties have since settled the claim. The compensation, though undisclosed, is in the six-figure range. 

The compensation settlement will be managed professionally so that Dawn can continue to pay for physical rehabilitation and home assistance. After the settlement was announced, Dawn commented whilst speaking to the Leicester Mercury newspaper that “I am still haunted by the events of that day. I’m just incredibly relieved that I will now have access to the best rehabilitative care and support that I need to overcome the daily challenges I face because of my injuries. I used to love walking in the countryside and long bike rides, but those things are completely out of my reach now, and that in itself has been very difficult to accept.”

Woman Receives Bereavement Compensation for Husband’s Road Death

November 28th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

The widow of a man who was seriously injured in a head-on collision, and later died of his injuries, has been awarded bereavement compensation by the High Court of Belfast.

The woman was travelling along the infamously dangerous stretch of road (The “Seven Sisters” section of the B8 between Newry and Hilltown) with her husband in July 2010. However, as they were driving, a vehicle that was travelling in the opposite direction to them lost control and collided with the couple – Elizabeth and Leslie Browne – head-on. Though both suffered extensive injuries, Elizabeth recovered. Leslie tragically died from his a month after the accident. 

Whilst recovering, Elizabeth sought legal counsel before proceeding to make a claim for compensation following the death of her husband in a road accident. In the claim against Sandra Murray – the driver of the out-of-control vehicle – she alleges that it was Ms Murray’s negligence that caused the accident, as she was not paying adequate attention to the road. She also claims that Ms Murray’s driving was too fast for the wet conditions present that day, and the speed meant that she had to break excessively as she was approaching the turns on the road. 

Ms Murray denied that she was negligent in her driving, instead claiming that she was hit from behind by another driver on the road, Michal Marczak, and this lead to her loss of control. However, whilst Mr Marczak conceded that he had been driving too close to Ms Murray, he denied the claim that he had ever made contact with her. 

Despite the dispute, negotiations began between the parties and a £50,000 settlement of compensation was settled. However, as they had yet to determine liability, the case proceeded to the High Court in Belfast, where it was overseen by Mr Justice Stephens. The judge ruled that there was nothing in the evidence to support Ms Murray’s claim that Mr Marczak made contact with her car and caused her to swerve into the opposite lane. With this ruling, Ms Murray was assigned full liability. 

The judge also commented that it was obvious that Ms Murray was not paying adequate attention to the road as she “did not and does not know what happened, so she grasped at anything that might exonerate her.” Ms Murray was then ordered to pay the £50,000 compensation settlement, as well as any legal fees owed by Elizabeth or Mr Marczak. 

Driver Receives Compensation for a Head-On Crash

June 1st, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A man, who fractured his elbow and sustained soft tissue injuries in a road traffic accident, has settled his claim for compensation for a head-on crash.

In April 2013, Nick Brancher (37) was driving along the A38 near Bodmin when the driver of a car travelling at 50mph in the opposite direction lost control of his vehicle. The car swerved across the road and hit two cars before crashing head-on into Nick´s seven-seater people carrier.

Nick was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he received treatment for a fractured left elbow and multiple soft tissue injuries. More soft tissues injuries became apparent over the next couple of weeks – including injuries to Nick´s neck, back and ribs – which required further medical attention.

Although he was able to return to his job as a maintenance team leader a couple of days after the accident, Nick – from Saltash in Cornwall – was only able to perform light duties over flexible hours for the next few months. His injuries also prevented Nick from participating in his hobbies of cycling, climbing, Ju Jitsu, and kayaking.

Nick sought legal advice from his union representative, who put him in touch with a solicitor. Nick then made a claim for compensation for a head-on crash against the driver who lost control of his car and caused the accident. Liability was admitted by the negligent driver´s insurers, and an out-of-court settlement of compensation for a head-on crash was negotiated.

Speaking with the local press after his claim had been settled, Nick explained that he had dropped off his nine-year-old daughter at her school just a few minutes earlier. He said: “The other driver had lost control and hit two other cars before we collided head-on, it all happened so fast. I‘m just very grateful my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me”.

Rob Miguel – the Unite union representative who assisted Nick with his claim for compensation for a head-on crash – said: “Our member sustained a series of injuries because a driver wasn’t concentrating. The level of injuries could have been far worse, but nevertheless the accident was still a serious one and went on to affect our member’s life for months after the crash”.

Disputed Claim for Taxi Passenger Injury Compensation Heard in Court

April 27th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A disputed claim for taxi passenger injury compensation, which was made after a passenger was injured jumping from a moving taxi, has been heard at the High Court in London.

Following an evening out in Bath, Kristopher Hicks and his girlfriend Abigail Noad got into a taxi at the city´s Abbey taxi rank for the short ride home. On the journey back to Queens Drive in Bath, the taxi driver – Michael Young – formed the impression that his two passengers were preparing to “do a runner” and try to avoid payment.

When the taxi pulled up to their home, Abigail got out of the taxi; but, before Kristopher could get out, Young drove off with Kristopher still in the back. After travelling three-quarters of a mile, Kristopher jumped from the taxi while it was still moving. He hit his head on the road when he fell and suffered serious brain injuries.

Due to his injuries, Kristopher will never be able to lead an independent life and needs full-time care. Through his mother – Jill – Kristopher made a claim for taxi passenger injury compensation. In the claim, Jill alleged that her son had been imprisoned by Young, and that he had jumped out of the taxi because he believed that he was being abducted by a stranger in the middle of the night.

Young disputed the claim for taxi passenger injury compensation, and argued that Kristopher was responsible for his own injuries by jumping out of a moving taxi. At the High Court in London, Mr Justice Edis agreed with Young that Kristopher was “substantially to blame for his own misfortune”, but said that there was no doubt that Young had illegally imprisoned his passenger.

The judge ordered Young to pay Kristopher £250 for false imprisonment and adjourned the hearing for an assessment of damages to be carried out – ruling that the claim for taxi passenger injury compensation would be resolved with both parties sharing equal liability for Kristopher´s devastating brain injury. The final settlement of the claim is expected to be several millions.

Solicitors Make Claim Against Mother for Child’s Car Injuries

March 28th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

The solicitors, who are acting on behalf of a young girl, are making the claim against her deceased mother’s insurance company. 

When Cora-Lynn Kelley-Mattock – from Aberporth in Cardigan – was just two years old, she was seriously injured in a car crash. On the 26th December 2013, her nineteen year-old mother crashed the family car into a wall along the A484 in Llandygwydd, near Cardigan. 

Tragically, Josephine died from her injuries just three days after the crash. Her daughter – now aged four – sustained extensive head trauma that has left her with lifelong brain damage and permanent disabilities. Cora-Lynn also suffered from internal damage, and the vision in one of her eyes has been impaired. 

After an inquest into Josephine’s death in June 2014, Coroner Peter Brunton determined that Josephine’s death had been caused by misadventure. He added that she may have been distracted by her daughter whilst driving, or hit the wall whilst trying to avoid a collision with another vehicle. 

However, solicitors acting on the little girl’s behalf believe that Josephine was acting negligently before she crashed. In light of this, they have made a claim for passenger injury compensation against Josephine’s estate and her insurance company. 

In the claim, they allege that Josephine was driving at too high a speed for the wet condition of the day. Additionally, when Cora-Lynn was found she was suspended by a belt around her waist. This implies that Josephine had failed to strap her daughter in properly and restrain her shoulders with a belt. 

The claim for compensation is being contested by Josephine’s estate and insurance company. Though they do not deny the facts of the case, a spokesperson has said that the onus will be on Cora-Lynn’s solicitors to show that her mother was acting negligently. 

Motorbike Accident Compensation Settlement Approved in Court

February 16th, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A man who suffered severe brain damage when knocked off his bike by a negligent driver has had a settlement of motorbike accident compensation approved in the High Court.

Marcel Beasley was riding his Yamaha R6 motorbike on the A453 north of Barton-in-Farbis in Nottinghamshire when, on May 22nd 2009, he was involved in an accident with a car whose driver had suddenly decided to do a U-turn out of slow moving traffic.

The force of the impact with the car catapulted Marcel across the road and into a ditch. It also caused the strap on his crash helmet to snap, and Marcel suffered severe brain injuries as a result of the accident – dying eight times while being airlifted to the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Marcel spent several weeks in intensive care – much of which in a coma – before being transferred to Richardson Mews in Northamptonshire, where he underwent treatment for fifteen months in the facility´s specialist brain injury unit.

Marcel now has limited mobility and is wheelchair dependent. He has problems with his speech, cognitive ability and behaviour due to the brain damage he suffered, and is unable to use his left arm because of a brachial plexus injury sustain in the motorbike accident.

On Marcel´s behalf, his uncle – Cadell Beasley – made a claim for motorbike accident compensation against the driver of the car that had attempted the U-turn, Paul Alexander. Alexander said that he had not seen Marcel filtering through the traffic, but argued that the motorcyclist was partly to blame for the accident by driving too fast for the road conditions.

The question of liability was resolved at the Royal Courts of Justice in 2012, when Sir Raymond Jack ruled that if Marcel had been driving slower he would have still have been significantly injured in the accident. The judge also said that Alexander had a clear view behind him before attempting his manoeuvre and that Marcel´s filtering had not been causative to the accident.

After releasing Marcel of any contributory negligence, Sir Raymond Jack adjourned the motorbike accident compensation claim so that an assessment of Marcel´s future needs could be made. While this was ongoing, Marcel received interim payments of motorbike accident compensation so that he could continue to receive the best possible treatment for his injuries.

This week at the High Court, the final settlement of Marcel´s motorbike accident compensation was announced and approved by a judge. The settlement comprises of a £4.2 million lump sum and annual tax-free index-linked payments of £175,000 – making the total estimated value of the claim approximately £10 million based on Marcel´s life expectancy.

Cyclist Brain Injury Compensation Claim Settled for £2 Million

February 3rd, 2015 | By injuryclaims

A cyclist, who was knocked unconscious in a collision with a car, has settled his cyclist brain injury compensation claim for £2 million.

John Wellock from Mossley in Greater Manchester was cycling along the A62 in Oldham in September 2010, when he was knocked off his bicycle by a driver negligently pulling out onto the main road. Despite wearing a cycling helmet, sixty-five year old John sustained a traumatic brain injury and was taken to hospital unconscious.

Originally in a coma, John spent nine months in hospital receiving treatment for his brain injury. He underwent intensive therapy and rehabilitation, and was only able to return home when his wife – Elaine – gave up her job to provide John with full-time care.

The negligent driver who had pulled out in front of John pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention in 2011 at Oldham Magistrates Court. John subsequently made a cyclist brain injury compensation claim against the driver´s insurance company who admitted liability.

The £2 million settlement of John´s cyclist brain injury compensation claim was negotiated after studies had been compiled to forecast John´s future requirements. The compensation will enable John to continue his recovery through therapy and rehabilitation while receiving professional support and care from experts.

Speaking after the settlement of his cyclist brain injury compensation claim had been announced, John said: “I believe wearing a cycle helmet saved my life, I’ve been campaigning to try and make them compulsory for all. Anything that can be done to improve safety for cyclists is extremely important.”

Elaine – John´s wife – added “The settlement is a massive relief and a weight off our shoulders. We can now look to the future as we know that John’s care needs will be taken care of for the rest of his life”.

Claim for Zebra Crossing Accident Compensation Resolved by Negotiation

October 2nd, 2014 | By injuryclaims

A woman´s claim for zebra crossing accident compensation has been resolved by negotiation after the negligent party´s insurance company failed to acknowledge her loss of earnings.

Janet Churchley was using a zebra crossing on Carr Lane in Hull when, in December 2011, she was hit by a vehicle which failed to stop. Janet´s leg was broken due to the impact of the vehicle, and she also suffered a broken arm due to the unfortunate way in which she landed on the road.

An ambulance was called and Janet received preliminary treatment from paramedics at the scene of the accident before being taken to Hull Royal Infirmary. Fifty-seven year old Janet also had to undergo surgery at the hospital while she was recovering to ensure that broken bones healed properly.

In the three months following the accident, Janet was confined to a wheelchair and was reliant on her husband for daily tasks such as washing and dressing. Because she had to keep her leg outstretched, Janet had to sleep on the sofa, and was unable to return to her office job for almost a year.

When Janet did return to work, she found that she was only able to work part-time and, in addition to having permanent scarring from her physical injuries, Janet also developed anxiety about crossing roads – even at zebra crossings.

After seeking legal advice, Janet made a claim for zebra crossing accident compensation against the driver of the vehicle that had hit her. The driver admitted that he had been distracted on the approach to the zebra crossing and acknowledged liability for Janet´s injuries.

An interim settlement of compensation was arranged while the driver´s insurance company disputed how much compensation Janet was entitled to, and eventually they settled Janet´s claim for zebra crossing accident compensation for its full value. Although the final settlement of the claim was undisclosed, it is estimated that Janet received a high level five-figure sum in resolution of her claim.

Belfast Man Awarded Compensation for Injuries to a Passenger in a Car Accident

July 2nd, 2014 | By injuryclaims

A man from Belfast has been awarded a structured settlement of compensation for injuries to a passenger in a car accident which is estimated at £6 million.

The unnamed man from Belfast sustained multiple fractures and serious brain damage when a car he was travelling as a passenger left the road at high speed and crashed into a field near his home in 2007. Despite undergoing intense therapy and making a partial recovery, the man 25-year-old man needs full time care and will be unable to work ever again.

The driver of the car was charged with causing grievous bodily injury due to dangerous driving and, when he was convicted, was sent to jail for his negligent actions. On behalf of the injured victim, a claim for compensation for injuries to a passenger in a car accident was made by the man´s family; however the negligent driver´s insurance company did not acknowledge their client´s liability for causing the accident until the claim went to court.

Mr Justice Gillen at the High Court in Belfast was told of the circumstances of the accident in 2007 and the injuries that the passenger had sustained. He also heard that liability had been accepted by the insurance company at the eleventh hour, and that a structured settlement of compensation for injuries to a passenger in a car accident.

Although the exact details of the settlement were not disclosed publicly, it is believed that a lump sum payment of £1.44 million is to be paid to the family immediately, with annual tax-free and index-linked periodic payments thereafter. The total value of the settlement is estimated at between £4 million and £6 million over the anticipated lifetime of the victim.

Speaking after the claim for passenger injuries compensation had been resolved, the family´s legal representative said: “The family are very relieved and grateful that the matter has been brought to a successful conclusion and that the care for their son is now assured long-term.”

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