Claim for Slipping on Wet Floor in Hospital

Am I eligible to make a claim for slipping on wet floor in hospital? I was recently staying for several days to treat a serious illness. There was a damaged window in one of the corridors that had a tendency to leak water when it was raining. One of the days I was dizzy from my treatment and on the way to the bathroom I slipped on a puddle from the leak and broke my ankle.

You should be eligible to make a claim for slipping on wet floor in hospital compensation. Hospitals owe a duty of care of care to their patients and those that visit them; this means that it is their responsibility to maintain a safe environment that is hazard free. This damaged window may have been an issue for a while, which also suggests that the hospital staff had been aware of it. If this is the case and no steps had been taken to remedy the situation or to corner off where water was likely to leak, the hospital seems to have committed a clear breach of its duty of care and could be held liable for your injuries.

You should be aware that the hospital’s insurance company could approach you at some stage soon and offer you a sum of compensation claim for slipping on wet floor in hospital. This is called an unsolicited offer of compensation and you should never accept such an offer without first consulting a solicitor. Because such an offer typically occurs quite soon after an accident, it is unlikely that they will not have had time to assess the full extent of your injuries, thus it is unlikely to compensate for your injuries sufficiently. The reason why they tend to approach accident victims so soon after an accident is because they are likely to be feeling vulnerable, so they may be in a position where they would want to accept an offer of instant compensation, thus saving the insurance company money in the long run.

It is advisable that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor as soon as possible. They will be able to evaluate your claim, taking into consideration the severity of your injury in combination with the illness you already had, your age, sex, and the impact your injury could have on your life. This impact can account for medical expenses or other costs incurred as a result of your injury, such as alternative transport costs or the incapacity to work. It can also account for any psychological impact if the accident has left you in any way traumatised.

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