Claim for Slipping on Oil Spilled in Petrol Station

I want to make a claim for slipping on oil spilled in petrol station as I recently suffered a knee injury in my local station. How will my final settlement be calculated?

In order to make a claim for slipping on oil spilled in petrol station you need to be able to establish that your local station is liable for your injuries. For instance, if the oil that you slipped on had been on the ground for a substantial amount of time without being cleaned up, it suggests a breach in the duty of care for the maintenance of a safe environment that the Petrol Station owes their customers. If it was you who spilled the oil and then subsequently slipped and injured your knee, it could be you that would be held liable for the injuries you sustained. Your first priority in such a situation would be to obtain medical treatment at the first possible moment. Not only is it vital that your health be looked after, but you’ll have proof in your medical records of when your injury was suffered. Your next priority would be to file a report in the petrol station’s “Accident Report Book”, making sure to include as much detail as you can and, if applicable, include witness statements and the names of any staff members who were around when the accident happened and offered you help.

This information will be useful for a personal injury solicitor when evaluating whether or not it is advisable to pursue a claim for slipping on oil spilled in petrol station, and also for calculating how much you may receive as part of your final settlement. In estimating how much you could obtain, your solicitor will also consider your age, sex, your general state of health prior to the accident and any impact your injury has made to your quality of life. This impact will take into account any financial losses and expenses incurred as well as the effects your injury might have had on your ability to take part in what would typically be your day-to-day life activities. Having to make such drastic changes to your life can be emotionally traumatic and if a psychological injury is measurable, you could be compensated for that also.

Only by taking all of the aforementioned aspects of your injury into account will you be able to calculate how much compensation you could be entitled to, so it is recommended that you seek out the help of a solicitor with experience in petrol station compensation claims at the first possible moment. If they determine your claim to be sufficiently strong, then they will agree to represent you in your claim for slipping on oil spilled in petrol station.

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