Claim for Slipping on London Tube Escalator

Can you advise me on how to go about pursuing a claim for slipping on London Tube escalator? I broke my wrist and my work involves typing. I have lost a lot of income.

The best way to pursue a claim for slipping on London tube escalator is to contact a personal injury claims solicitor who has experience in that area. The number of people who pursue claims related to injuries sustained in the London tube is high, so you needn’t worry about being alone in that respect. A personal injury claims solicitor will examine many of the particular circumstances of your accident and injury such as how it occurred, the specificities of your injury and the affect it has had on your life since it happened. From this, they will be able to determine whether or not the London tube can be considered liable for the injury you have sustained and whether or not the claim would be worth your while to pursue.

You specifically mentioned that your wrist injury has affected your life drastically in the area of finances. This too should be addressed with your solicitor as you should be able to recover expenses incurred and loss of income with an area of compensation claim known as special damages in your claim for slipping on London tube escalator. Special damages in compensation claims primarily address the potential financial repercussions of sustaining an injury in an accident. With this area of compensation claim there are incidental special damages and consequential special damages. Incidental special damages are for fixing a situation, so you would reclaim money lost for medical expenses and anything else that may have incurred costs at the time of the accident. Consequential special damages would be your main priority in relation to your wrist injury. This area of special damages addresses costs incurred as a consequence of your injury, so not only could you be compensated for loss of income, but you could be awarded the costs of alternative transport and any renovations that had to be made to your house as a result of your injury.

In answering your question I have merely provided you with general advice, the only way to get a specific answer about your potential case is contacting a solicitor at the first possible opportunity. Only they can inform you of your rights regarding your potential claim for slipping on London tube escalator.

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