Claim Compensation for Cartilage Injury

I want to claim compensation for cartilage injury I recently sustained at work, but I am frightened of the potential repercussions this could have on my work relationships. Would the value of such a claim be worth it?

I cannot calculate the value of your claim for compensation for cartilage injury without first having knowledge of the location, severity and the extent of the cartilage injury. What I can tell you though is that should you choose to pursue a claim for an injury at work you should not be obliged to worry about potential strife in the workplace following your claim, whether it is successful or not. According to the law, pursuing a claim against your employer should have to no effect whatsoever in your future prospects at work. Furthermore, your workmates and employer are probably very upset that you have been forced to experience this cartilage injury because of an accident that could have been prevented. This is despite the fact that initiating a claim against your employer for compensation for your injury means that you consider them liable for it, because the claim is not made against them but their insurance company, there should be no misunderstandings when it comes to your personal relationship. Furthermore, these kind of claims are generally dealt with by negotiations between both party’s insurance companies. You more than likely won’t have to worry about giving evidence in front of your peers.

Regarding the potential value of your claim, you will be best advised on that by a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in claim compensation for cartilage injury. They will be able to evaluate your claim by examining your medical records, assessing the circumstances in which your cartilage injury was sustained and by looking at any possible instances of contributory negligence that you could be accused of. In othe words, any way you may have contributed to the cause of your injury.

They will also take into consideration the pain and suffering you endured at the time of the accident, the ramifications it may have had in you taking part in your regular activities and pastimes and also any financial losses, medical expenses or any other justifiable costs incurred as a result of your injury. Subsequent to this evaluation your solicitor will assess whether your claim is sufficient enough to have a likelihood of success, if they believe this to be the case they may offer to represent you on a “no win, no fee” basis. It is then up to you do decide if you think pursuing your claim would be “worth it”.

It is advisable to contact a solicitor as soon as possible if you wish to make a claim for compensation for cartilage injury in a timely manner.

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